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Default Re: The Thunder will be unbeatable in 3 years

Originally Posted by knicksman
your nets team during jkidd era has never been a contender in my eyes. Its just a product of weak eastern conference. Whereas what the thunder was doing was what shouldve been the suns doing. They shouldve traded marion for a true center and made johnson their 2nd option. Thats what the thunder are doing which is to take risks. the core of harden/durant/westbrook isnt winning anything. Bigs wins in this league and they have a weak frontcourt. Their only chance of getting a big is through the draft coz they arent the lakers or knicks who can attract free agents. Harden was drafted as a BPA and not of need so once he pans out, he should then be sold.

Yeah the Knicks right now is and never will be a contender in my eyes.
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