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Default Re: The Thunder will be unbeatable in 3 years

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Yeah I feel your pain man. Its only those who have been through this can understand. The Lakers had a great owner Jerry Buss, he aint spending money like crazy but he also aint the type to refuse to spend dollars when his team was contending for titles. It hurts more to tear a champion-caliber team apart than the likes of Hornets and Bobcats.

Thunder fans are so optimistic about their team, but even if Durant is the best player in the world, he cant stop the Thunder owner from making stupid moves that dispatches the team step by step. Once they realize the nature of Bennett it will be already too late, well, its not like there's anything they can do anyway. The nets got a much better owner, its like once in a blue moon chance. So perhaps its a good idea to enjoy this while they can? The honeymoon wont be lasting too long.

Actually I think the nets have the worse owner. They are willing to spend without thinking like dolan
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