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Default Re: Pistons Still Interested In Cousins

No way we get Cousins for anything less than one of Monroe / Drummond.

And even if we were able to pull of something that allowed us to snatch cousins and keep both Monroe / Drummond - That front court would never work, Cousins has far too big of an ego...

And why would we even want Cousins? Sure he has talent, but I think Monroe has more. And I think Drummond fits what we need a whole heap more than what Cousins does. Cousins and monroe are too similar, both tweener PF / C's, both need to touch the ball on most possesions. Drummond is a great compliment to either of those players.

When it comes down to it, Cousins is a good player, but doesn't strike me as a good team mate, a good winner, disciplined and someone who can stay in shape or motivated.

I'll be angry if anything goes down in regards to this trade
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