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Default Re: Your Playoff Predictions with a Super Bowl winner.

Originally Posted by mlh1981
My main concern is, how will Marvin Lewis handle the spotlight? Past history has shown that he comes up short in crisis. However, I think that Houston's Gary kubiak also has a spotlight on him, and this is Matt schaub's first ever playoff game.

Defensively, I feel as if the bengals will hold their own, but we have struggled to run the ball lately, and someone has gotta step up as the no.2 wideout.

As far are the playoff win drought goes, I'm sick and tired of it, but the fans, not the players on the field, are the ones carrying that baggage around. It's Houston that has everything to lose Saturday, as they were once 11-1, whereas we finished the 2nd half of the season 7-1

That's what I'm sayin'! ... we're one dangerous squad right now, wrapping up the season with a critical win-and-you're-in / lose-and-you're-out against our toughest historic rival in Pittsburgh and our new toughest rival in Baltimore; two impressive wins not to mention we defeated last year's Superbowl champs (LOL, then again, who didn't this year?).

What I'm sayin' is we're flying way under the radar right now, and I agree with you, I think a lot of it boils down to what Marvin Lewis does. The decisions he makes - the decisions he doesn't make. He's had talent around him for most of his career in Cincy... and truth be told, he hasn't always managed that talent successfully.
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