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Default Re: My Ban Proposal To This Site: 3 Lies And You're Out Rule

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I propose we install a 3 lies and you're out rule here at this site.

From now on, starting henceforth - any member of this site that is caught lying 3 times will be permanently IP banned.

There will be no acceptance of twisting, skewing, or manipulating stats or facts to make up lies.

For example, saying something like, "player A averaged more points than player B" - when they did not. "Player A had better stats in such and such team or league" - when they did not. In general lying about anything relating to basketball here.

Such as, player A "won this and that award" - when they did not. Player A "played in this league" - when they did not. Etc.

I want everyone that has the balls for this to sign on for it here.
ok thnx
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