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Default Re: whatever you do, don't ever sell sh!t on ebay

I sell all my stuff through amazon marketplace. I've had nothing but positive experiences, except today I had a frustrating experience with a buyer.

OK so, yesterday I sold this person one of my old textbooks for 103 dollars. This morning I shipped the book and literally 2 hours after I shipped the book (and about 14 hours after they bought it from me) they requested a return because the book will get there too late and be useless to them. I shipped it so it would be there on Friday. WTF???? This whole situation seemed bizarre and made no sense so I authorized the return but informed her she would only be refunded after I received my book back from her. So now I'm going to have to wait at least a week to get the book back before I can re-list it, which sucks because most college semesters will have started by then and it will be harder to sell.
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