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Default Re: Kanye West knocked up Kim K.

Originally Posted by DaHeezy
Funny how people with absolutely 0 experience parenting feel they can criticize others attempts of having a baby

Considering how much parenting can impact a human being and affect the world we live in it's kinda understandable. You treat you're child like shit and he grows up to be a maniac it's somebody in this thread that has to deal with them. I don't want to get shot in the face because some piece of shit decided he was going to emotionally and physically abuse his kid.

That being said this is hardly a case of that. They have tons of money, which like it or not is important. This kid will have every available option out there, the sky is literally the limit. I don't know much about Kim K but seems like a pretty tight knit family that loves eachother, we haven't seen anything that would suggest Kanye is incapable of loving a child. Yeah she seems like a whore but not like she'd be the first slut to have a kid, f*ck somebody in this thread has a mom that was probably a huge skank before they showed up.

All the reality TV shit is crazy to me but if you're worst complaint as a son/daughter is being on MTV as a kid, I'd say that would quality as a minor problem. Once again my knowledge of Kanye and Kim K is limited but neither have criminal records? Really besides being a douche bag/attention whores what else is there? Millions of kids out there having it far worse than Mommy wanting to get a good picture in with the press.

Lastly why is it that parents always step up and seem outraged? It's like they want everybody to know how tough it is being a parent. You're problems may not be as magnified as these two but I seriously doubt you're perfect. It's always newer parents too, with younger kids. It's like congrats, you raised a 4 year old. Come back at me in 15 years and let us know what you've produced and than run you're mouth. 20 years from now atleast one of the hundreds of people hating right will have probably gone to produce atleast one of a drug dealer, prostitute etc. where as this kid will probably be featuring on some top 40 hit and most likely just a spoiled brat.
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