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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by brwnman
You understand Cousins serves no purpose for my team right? I am not gonna sit around and not be active. I'll be making deals to take other GMs keepers away from them. So what if I lose players that I am not going to keep. I rather have other GMs not have good keepers. That in itself is a strategy. Nene has been injured, no doubt about that. But Cousins is one foolishness away from being suspended from his team (and he will be traded, too much uncertainty surrounding him).

And stop pointing out where he was ranked; it has no basis on what he will produce the rest of the year and next year...
That's already a contradiction to your last post.... But anyways, i've spoken my piece. I think if you are unhappy with the league and it's rules, rather than try and screw with it until you get your way, you should bow out gracefully. I would never suggest someone leave the league unless they go on a rampaging mission to compromise it's integrity. That's all i've got to say.
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