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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by bokes15
That's already a contradiction to your last post.... But anyways, i've spoken my piece. I think if you are unhappy with the league and it's rules, rather than try and screw with it until you get your way, you should bow out gracefully. I would never suggest someone leave the league unless they go on a rampaging mission to compromise it's integrity. That's all i've got to say.

Please explain how that's contradictory. I want to take away keepers from other GMs to have the best collection of keepers for me for next year. How is that contradictory? I have accepted that you can make changes during and after drafts and have agreed to 3 keepers. But I will not be inactive and will continue to look for deals to make my team better and take away keepers from other GMs...
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