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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
The same guy who just a day or 2 ago was complaining about the legitimacy of Funk's trades makes an obvious "f*ck the league" move out of anger. You really must really think we're all pretty gullible/stupid to think that in an 8 category roto league you are bettering your team by getting a guy who is pretty much worse in every category except FG%. Cousins is a top 5 center option and Nene at this stage of his career is 30 and on an obvious decline with injury problems on top of that. You didn't make that trade because of how badly you wanted Nene, get out of here. You wanted to payback RapsFan and hopped on the first unfair deal you could make with his closest competitor. I 3rd the notion for a veto.

offer still stands. give me a better big than Nene at a great keeper value and I'm willing to trade Cousins for him. To anyone in this league...
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