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Default Re: My Thoughts On The Cats So Far

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
Yeah we definitely need that player, but we also need a core to stay together for a couple of seasons. Look at San Antonio. Those guys have been together so long it's like they have esp. They know exactly where anyone is going to be on the court, where they want the ball, their strengths and weaknesses, etc. They are the definition of the well-oiled machine.

Agreed. With our constant coaching changes and the fact that our team gets a totally different look about every two years there has been little consistency over time. Just how can a team build success into itself if there's no core, no consistency. We seem to need to reinvent ourselves just about each season. Enough of the constant cry of 'we're a young team' and all that jive and let someone just put together a team and a vision that can make us a winning team over time.
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