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Well it wouldnt say anything about high school because these guys are already like 25 and up.

he didnt make the age limit to give the guys time to develop.

He made the rule to show that he has control and that hes the man just like how he took action against the pacer piston brawl.

He just wants to show his dominance in this league and I think he should resign.

I heard from an insider that LBJ to LA is a very big possibility because before he was drafted he had sent game tapes of himself to the lakers only.

Also what happens if he does come to LA his Nike contract will reportedly go up to 200 million dollars and he made a comment before the draft saying he wanted to be the richest man in the NBA.

With all that being said I think he will look to become a laker when his rookie contract expires in 08 when we have money.

By the way this is not speculation, an insider told me all this.

More info on him u can look for him on
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