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Default Re: We must trade Pau Gasol now!!!

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I hate to say it bro but the lakers already payed for MB and now MA. To save money, they may need to look at doing this the D'Antoni way. Pau would definitely be the first one to go if they were going to rebuild this roster.

Kobe had some comments "We're playing old..."

In the past when Kobe said something, he's always had some motive behind it. Don't forget the playoffs when they were crappy, and they played a great suns team. Kobe said "They're a more talented team". Few days later after elimination he demanded a trade. Don't forget when he said he was "closer to being a bull than most people think", he demanded a trade in that same sequence to the bulls.

He said now that they're too old, and now he wants a younger team around him. He might even bring the spurs into it as those 3 guys have had younger players around them and its helped the spurs keep their core. Don't be surprised.

Im not in any way disagreeing with you about how MA was a bad hire. Now that this is over with, they'll build around Kobe and Nash, in hopes of winning a championship with D'Antoni. Think about it. Dwight is the youngest starter on our team. He doesn't want Dwight to go. He doesn't want Nash to go either. Who's the odd man out here? Is it Ron Artest who is having his best season as a laker? Or is it the disappointing Pau Gasol?

Think now, with this information, of what the lakers will be looking to do in the next few weeks.

They won't trade Pau because,
He's playing better than Howard,
Howard isn't even a lock to be a Laker next season
Kobe has Pau's back, these two are thick as thieves along with Artest. They've been through the wars together and these are the ones Kobe has faith in.

The only reason Nash is here is because he demanded a gurantee Pau was on the roster before he signed with the Lakers.
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