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Default Re: Which QB's Legacy would benefit the most from winning a ring

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
It shouldn't be viewed as HIM losing it...his legacy should be completely based around how he preformed in the Super Bowl, not weather or not the 53 MAN TEAM won or lost.

IMO Montana is the GOAT because his personal stats during the post season are near flawless, which in return helped the team (filled with other star players) win games...Brady needs to match that level, if he plays this entire post season with a huge passer rating then that is all he can do.

that is just me though...the rest of the NFL world will just see rings regardless of how he plays

Yeah, passer rating! The end all be all stat!

Look, you can play a great game and have a lowish QB rating. I've also seen Brady have a decent QB rating (Jets 2010 playoffs) and he played horrible.
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