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Default Re: Which QB's Legacy would benefit the most from winning a ring

Originally Posted by Carbine
Yeah, passer rating! The end all be all stat!

Look, you can play a great game and have a lowish QB rating. I've also seen Brady have a decent QB rating (Jets 2010 playoffs) and he played horrible.
it is very hard to play good with a low rating...generally that means INTs and incompletions...etc

it is also very hard to have a crappy game with a high rating...generally that means no INTs and lots of completions

it happens though I know....not every INT is the QB's fault

it is by no means perfect, but IMO it is the best stat we have right now for passing

I would like to take QBR seriously but ESPN has made that impossible by hiding the formula....It is hard to use it if you don't know how it works
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