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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
Come on, Rapsfan has always bulllied people to accept horrible trades, with his persistence and nonsense logic... and no trade has ever been vetoed or proposed to be vetoed.

Just two examples, since I am in the league: Rapsfan got two studs in Al Horford and Paul George for Gortat, Hayward and Gee this season. Last season he got Ray Allen (in Boston, when he was ranked around 50) for Isaiah thomas. Ray for Isaiah is comparable to DeMarcus for Nene. A very solid player for a dubious keeper.

Anyway, if you look to Nene's numbers, you have to look to his numbers when he was healthy, that is, when he was in Denver.
He is just 30 now, he can make the same numbers if he wants next season. Brwnman gets a top 40 player in round 6. That's great.

It looks like a bad trade now, but at that time I think Al Horford was shooting 30 percent from the free throw line and Paul George was struggling. Plus last year Isaiah Thomas was a 11th round keeper putting up good numbers that even I thought were going to improve. He ended up being kept and Ray Allen was not kept.

I give Rapsfan the hardest time with trades. He doesn't get away with being persistent. I know that for a fact, but he is always active looking to deal.He's also the most willing guy to trade away his players. He might get a slight edge in deals, but he does not have any garbage deals that his team completely wins in all but one category.

If you just look at the numbers you stole Cousins from an angry brwnman. He won in every category except for one.
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