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Default Re: Which QB's Legacy would benefit the most from winning a ring

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Aaron Rodgers: Enters the "Greatest QB ever?" debate at a relatively young age.
Christian Ponder: Establishes himself as the Vikings' QB long-term. Currently the jury is still out.
Tom Brady: Has a weak GOAT QB argument. Another SB ring gives him a strong argument.
Peyton Manning: Same as Brady
Russell Wilson: Would...make a ton of money off the field. Not enough to make him considered "elite" but he would cement himself as the Seahawk QB even with a few years of struggling afterward.
RG3: Would become the top marketing star in the NFL. He could be seen as elite but it's hard to give a guy that status after one year.
Matt Shaub: Possibly the least-known good QB, a SB makes him a superstar.
Joe Flacco: He currently needs some vindication and this would give him that. Still not elite but he'd get to be the Ravens' QB his whole career.
Colin Kaepernick: No one would mention Alex Smith in SF again.
Andy Dalton: Same as Wilson
Andrew Luck: Same as Griffin
Matt Ryan: Career enters an HOF trajectory.

This exactly.

But as far as the veterans, obviously it's Peyton Manning. He only has one ring right now. If he can add another one, and do it in the way he did so, it would catapult him into GOAT even moreso than he already is.
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