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Default Re: We must trade Pau Gasol now!!!

Does ANYONE really think trading Pau for any player is going to make us a championship contender????

Right now.....we have more talent top to bottom than Phil Jackson EVER HAD......and we struggle to beat crappy fact lose to them too.
It's not the players, it's the coach with the awful no post system and no defense.
Even if you let 'Antoni have his pick of the top 10 players in the league he couldn't win a title with his style of play.

The way I see it is that sure, we are paying MB and MA a total of $8 million and to now bring in Phil would cost $8 to 10 lets say we pay $18 million for's less than we are paying Pau to do nothing and it doesn't count against the salary cap so......Phil + MB +MA = 18mil, Pau + cap hit = $38 mil......I don't see how this money should stop us from getting Phil....maybe we have to dump a little salary like Blake and others but the ONLY way to fix things is to start at the top........also we are an injury away from being a lottery team at this point meaning no playoff money.....Phil can get us to the Finals with this roster.......the difference would pay his salary.
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