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Default Re: Kanye West knocked up Kim K.

Originally Posted by niko
Who is outraged? People on this board are strange, people asked a question and people answered. Why is answering this question akin to outrage and overreaction and none of the 4 billion other questions on the board are not?

My fault, I was talking about people in general and I mixed in using this thread as well. I meant overall across the internet people seem to be pretty pissed about it and think it's a big deal. Guess that's more the medias fault that anything.

Originally Posted by niko
i don't hate her ,she's just dumb. Kanye is dumb too. Two dumb people who live for their own amusement probably should think twice about having a baby.

And stuff like this is strange to me. I would understand completely if they were awful human beings that weren't going to love the child or abuse it in anyway, because like I said in my previous post we all have to live in this world. I just don't understand how somebody can say somebody else should think twice about having a baby because they believe those people are stupid. Would understand if you knew them on a personal level or it was extremely clear like a Lindsay Lohan, or if you've successfully raised a child. Just because Kim K is kind of a whore and Kanye's a douche bag, doesn't allow us to judge.
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