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Default Re: Black Monday Thread (Firings)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
seriously Josh, tell me what Jerry is doing wrong and what you would do differently? can you do that or no?

If you aren't capable of explaining what he is doing wrong then how can you say anything?..."uh, he is bad, just because I said so..."

furthermore, how many Cowboy games have you watched this year? do you even have any clue of what you are talking about? Why should I even waste my time replying to you? You have done NOTHING to show that you have any NFL knowledge at all. You don't even belong in this section.

You keep trying to toss the ball back in my court, but here's the simple truth. The Cowboys missed the playoffs, and they easily controlled their own destiny, but failed to deliver when it mattered most. A huge part of that is on Romo, and Jerry Jones is the biggest Romo supporter on the planet minus yourself.

Jerry Jones likes to believe he's an owner with the insight, NFL know-how, etc of an actual GM. Truth be told, he's living in the early 90's, and clearly, we're well into 2013 now. Jerry Jones isn't getting it done these days! Anyone with the slightest knowledge will easily tell you that - unless you're a homer Cowboys fan such as yourself.

You keep telling me to explain myself. To explain what Jerry Jones is doing wrong. Well, let's see here... how many head coaches have the Cowboys had in the past decade? A lot. How many QBs recently? Just one, Tony Romo. How many playoff wins under Romo? One!

In the regular season, Romo is a good QB... he wins games, but he also loses games, and most notably, he loses BIG games. This is what he does best. Give me a QB who wins when it matters most over a QB who just wins in the regular season but disappears when it comes to the real deal (post season).

Is Jerry Jones a copmplete idiot? Obviously not, but make no mistake about it, Dallas needs a real GM. I can understand you taking up for the guy being a fan and all, but hey, I'm a Bengals fan, and I'll be the first to tell you Mike Brown isn't GM worthy, and using Marvin Lewis as part time GM doesn't work either.

In fact PT, most Cowboys and Bengals fans would be logical and wise enough to swallow their pride and admit their team needs legit GMs and not owners trying to play the "I know football" card. Jerry Jones knows football, no doubt, but not to the extent of building a championship caliber team around him. IT ISN'T WORKING, obviously.

They don't make the playoffs, and when they do, they lose. Blame Jerry Jones. Blame Tony Romo. Blame whoever you want. Doesn't matter. Dallas Cowboys are losers. You however are too damn stubborn to admit they suck. You're too damn stubborn to admit Jerry Jones is the problem. According to you he's not the problem. You're too damn stubborn to admit Romo is the problem. According to you he's not the problem.

So instead of you asking all the ?'s and demanding I explain myself. Why don't you actually do some explaining, huh? Tell us why Dallas can't win? Tell us why a rookie QB made your veteran QB look like a complete scrub with his what, three or four INTs? All I see YOU do is mount up excuse after excuse as to why Romo is an elite QB regardless of how many times he fouls everything up, and keeps holding your franchise down.

I know I mentioned stubborn above, but damn PT, wouldn't you agree you're pretty damn stubborn when it comes to your Cowboys and the ends you'll go to in defending them?

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