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Default Re: Black Monday Thread (Firings)

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
okay, so you have no idea what Jerry is doing wrong then...that is what I thought

That still doesn't change anything. Fact remains Cowboys blew their opportunity to win the division. Tony Romo blew it. When he had an opportunity to step up, he just stepped off. He seems to do this often, yet some people grossly overrate the guy saying he's Top 5 and shit. What is Jerry Jones doing wrong? Well, as we all know it starts at the top, and championships begin their manufacturing process at the top, which would be Jerry Jones. The Cowboys never even had a "window" or even the slightest chance at making a SB run, and as long as Romo is Dallas' star, they'll be lucky to simply win another playoff game.

I think it's about time you come to the realization your Cowboys and especially Romo in the clutch just flat out SUCK. Can you at least take your head out of your ass for one minute - just one minute - and admit they SUCK. Are you going to do that? Hell no. That is what I thought.

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