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Default The Cavs backup power forward

luke walton has played in the cavs last 5 games, and averaged 22 mpg, hes 2/9 on three pointers, hes 11/30 from the field, he cant rebound, he cant play a lick of defense, yet he is playing ahead of guys with actual upside in kevin jones, and jon leuer.

how about casspi as our backup PF? hes bigger than luke, shoots it better, is a better athlete, and a better defender. all luke is better at is passing and basketball iq. casspi aswell, has some upside, but he has played all of 1 minute in the last 11 games.

per 36 minutes this year, omri is averaging 13 points, and 7 rebounds, while shooting 44% from deep. (per36 luke is getting 6 points, 6.5 boards, and 4.5 assists)

omir is averaging more rebounds per minute, despits playing as a 3, while luke is getting all his minutes as a 4.

id like to see byron at least try casspi as a 4. its far more plausible than luke as a 4.

i really dont understand how luke is still playing. FFS, byron had him guarding demarcus cousins a couple nights ago

after one of luke's many bricks against the kings, the television broadcast clearly picked up a fan, sarcastically jeer 'yeah, keep shooting luke!'. had me
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