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Default Re: Black Monday Thread (Firings)

Originally Posted by niko
The problem with Jerry Jones the GM is that there is no accountability. Why would it get better? The roster is not perfect, it's very top heavy and it's injury prone. (It's a similar issue the Giants have.)
He has taken blame for things in the past...IMO if Jerry were to hire a GM and that GM fail, everyone would STILL point the finger at JERRY.

as of late I have been happy with Jerry the GM, the last "BAD" thing I think he has done was the Roy Williams trade, and that was a long time ago...I love our past 3 drafts


in related news...apparently Holmgren in November said that he wants to come back and coach but would ONLY coach the Dallas Cowboys

if this is true Jerry needs to fire Garrett ASAP...Holmgren is too proven, best option there is period, over Gruden and Cowher
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