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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Loneshot
End of Watch - 3/10 ???

I watched this movie fully once, and this was my second time watching it. I rewatched it because i see others rating it as good, even though the first time i saw it i thought it was pretty bad. Well i can confirm its pretty bad. Not only are the two main character awful at portraying real cops, but the whole thing came off like a dark parody of Southland. Corny jokes, violence that only a teenager would find entertaining, and overall just a bad movie.

You know I saw End of Watch in the theatres over the summer, and gave it a decent review on here. I saw it immediately after seeing The Master. Maybe it hit well because it was so easily accessible. Even then I don't recall giving it a great review, and I also remember including some pretty heavy complaints, mostly revolving around the inclusion of a Mexican Cartel that was involved in Human Trafficking for reasons that made no sense, nor were ever really tried to have sense made of them.

I sort of dug it for it's gimmicky camera approach. And it naturalist feel. The best moments I felt were the one off elements that weren't related to a larger plot. The house fire. Finding the kids in the crackhead's house. Just the day to day police stuff in an awfull neighborhood was enough of a show for me.

But when it got re-released into theatre's this fall, I walked by it's screening when I went to see Killing Them Softly, and all my memory's of it were weaker than I recall. The awfull plot line, the rediculous gang bangers, were much more in my mind than the parts I liked, and I'd probably rate it lower in retrospect.

Oddly, I believe I gave Killing Them Softly a similar review, but was more negative about how I talked about it. And I think that has to do with expectations. I walked into End of Watch to kill a few hours before meeting a friend for dinner, I really hadn't intended to see it, and I liked it more than I expected to. Killing Them Softly I'd been planning on seeing since the first seeing the poster. Got more interested upon seeing the trailer. Moreso still after reading about who was involved. I coolled down a bit when the reviews were tepid, but I didn't read any of them, just going off the tomato meter. And I wound up being disappointed.
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