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Default Re: Ray Lewis retired

[quote=niko]He didn't stab the guy, the two people that were with him killed someone, and he lied and covered up about it. Charged with obstruction of justice Got off. Was a super duper ugly incident. Since then he's been the definition of "football player" on and off the field. Before that moment he wasn't. It's been an amazing transformation honestly which i think most young fans won't even know occurred. I think probably 90% of the people on this board probably think the leader he is now is what he always was, he was just a out of control wrecking crew early on, then he became the heart and soul of that defense.

He's the best middle linebacker i've ever seen play, and i saw Singeltary on the Bears.[/QUOTE]

You're watching a player just as good today. His name is Patrick Willis.
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