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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Myth
I never liked Serpico. The best thing about it is that it lead to It's Always Sunny mocking it a bit. Deer Hunter is another I always found way overrated. I like the rest of those though.
Both of those films I liked specifically because of the acting.

Serpico I think is a good movie that is just not that accessible. Not much happens and there is just a lot of methodical nothingness that makes it frustrating to like. Technically I think its solid and Pacino's acting is the type that you miss as hes gotten older. There was a lot of quiet intensity in his performance. Its too bad that the ending of the movie does leave you with a vacant feeling of frustration.

The Deer Hunter I feel is great when it comes to its cinematography and acting. It has stellar performances by Walkens, DeNiro and Cazale. What I do dislike about it though is its self indulgence. There's a lot in it that isnt needed.. methodical shots and slow paced dialog. It certainly didnt need to last over 3 hours. I think more people would genuinely like it if it wasnt filled with excess, making it a shorter film.
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