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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

^ I agree with your descriptions on the acting, cinematography, etc. They just didn't balance out with much of any form of entertainment for me. The few entertaining parts did not counter balance the parts that I felt dragged on. And I'm fine with movies that are considered "slow" as long as there are parts that are entertaining that stick with me. The Godfather movies are notorious for being "slow," but I liked them.

I partially blame Blockbuster for my dislike of Serpico though. When I rented it, I was in the mood for more of a fast paced movie, and Blockbuster had it listed in the "Action" section rather than "Drama." For a movie listed as "Action," I expected more than one (jogging) chase scene. I tried re-watching the movie years later knowing it is slower paced, but I still didn't enjoy it and I'm not sure if it is the movie itself or just my memory of my first experience watching it.

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