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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

Originally Posted by Carbine
I think LT is a bit overrated.

Not in the sense of how good he was, but how he is perceived vs. everyone else. There were others who were just as dominant, possibly even more like Reggie White.

Hell, I'd rank Ray Lewis' total career over LT's.

I'm not a big football guy (I watch every Jets game since I was indoctrinated as a fan lol...trying to follow the Colts too since Luck went to my school; I watch the playoffs and play fantasy, but don't feel like I have a great understanding/appreciation for the game). If I asked you for two top 5 lists:

Top 5 GOAT careers for defender
Top 5 GOAT impact for defender

how would they look (maybe not the OAT part, since I'm only interested in players post-merger)?
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