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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
LT was amazing but yes, a little overrated...just a little though, he is probably still top-5 all time defender

Ware is bigger and faster than LT was, by a decent amount too...and Ware is on pace to have more sacks than LT did.

LT's rookie year they didn't record sacks but I know somewhere his rookie sack number exists and Ware will still beat it.

GOAT defensive player?...either Ray Lewis or White

Deion is top-5 all time too...his DMVP year maybe the most dominate ever by a CB, two rings on two different teams and it was him that put both teams over the top...I don't think SF or Dallas win in 94 or 95 without Deion

Ware doesn't have a fraction of the impact out there that LT did. Teams gameplanned specifically to block LT and keep LT away. Ware isn't even the dominant pass rusher in the league. I like Ware - please don't make me bash Ware by trying to compare Ware vs. LT.

Sacks aren't a good measure because teams pass much more now. If LT constantly faced teams that threw 50 times a game he'd have feasted. Strahan had 22 sacks. That tells you everything right there.

You are comparing Ware to one of the best defensive players of all time. I hope you are kidding.
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