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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

For me i like...
Reggie White
Lawrence Taylor
Ronnie Lott (i don't know if at his peak he was as good as some of the other people on this list but he was very good for very long. VERY good.)
Ray Lewis
Mike Singeltary
Rod Woodson
Ed Reed
Charles Haley
Deion Sanders

That jumps out at me right now. I'm sure i'll think of more. The thing that's different about these guys than a Ware (like PTiddy said), or a Polamalu (great as he is), or Revis or people like that is these were guys that when they were at their peak, the gameplan was "keep them from destroying the game". If LT wasn't blocked, your QB got hit every play and you couldn't function. Haley made every freaking tackle. We rave about Revis but Deion was much scarier because not only could he cover, he'd take the ball from you.

We should make a all time offense and defense. ISH ALL TIME TEAM.
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