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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

For those defending the deal, I think you need to look at the context of how, when, and why it happened. I think those factors are bigger than the trade itself.

edit: To break it down, Brwnman was wanting 4 keepers to remain and says that he feels that a change for the following season should be made pre draft so that you can draft accordingly. I am of the personal belief that you shouldn't be throwing a draft for the purpose of winning next season but as has been said by Brwnman and Toni, everyone has their own strategies and nobody can tell anyone else how to play the game. And i'm ok with anyone who agrees with him that changes should be made pre-draft.

That being said, one thing we have never had a standard, formal, format for is league-wide changes. Generally they start as suggestions, then if a few people agree to the suggestion it becomes a recommendation pretty much. And then if it looks like a good amount (i'd say at least 5-6 regulars since as RF said some play the game but don't post in here at all) then RF gives the thumbs up and it goes through. That's how it's always been.

So Brwnman got pissed about it, ok again fair enough. As I said in a previous post, I got pissed about various rule changes that I didn't like or didn't know they had been made official and complained about it. I was mad too. But as Funk said, I had to get over it. The league was ok with the move, and I as one player of the game wasn't gonna keep going with it and take down the league because I was upset.

I then offered to do the most fair thing I could think of and ask Brwnman if he wanted a league-wide vote as to whether 4 keepers stays or goes. I'm pretty sure that RF was willing to do it as well. He refused. And then to "show us" the flaws of the system (read his explanation, it speaks for itself) he pulls off that trade because he says he already has his keepers and doesn't have need for a 4th. If the 4 keepers had been agreed upon, Cousins would still be on his roster right now. That's the whole point. I don't know if he could've made that any clearer.

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