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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Ware has been the most dominate pass rusher for the past 6 or so years...he had a down year this year with only 11.5 sacks...injured

I watched LT, I am old enough to remember him completely...teams double Ware just like LT

I think Ware is a more dominate athlete in general...a stronger force...he will retire with better numbers than LT and he will be a first ballot HOFer

Ware is not a player in LT's caliber, that's an absolutely ridiculous comparison. That's like me saying Strahan is better than Reggie White. It's total ridiculous homerism. Ware has never even been the dominant defensive player in the league. He's not an MVP level player. You're being ridiculous. Taylor redefined a position to the point that head coaches designed new ways of blocking in order to slow him down. You are comparing one of the greatest players of all time vs. a dominant pass rusher.

I'm disappointed in you. This is ridiculous even for you.
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