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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Ware is just 22 sacks short of LT NOW...and he is only 30 years old

Ware is about 25 lbs bigger than LT was too...and runs a 4.65 at that size

fans might think the comparison is silly now...but once Ware retires people will start giving him props as one of the greatest pass rushers ever...maybe THE greatest pass rusher ever over White

LT had great impact beyond being a pass rusher. That you are comparing their resumes vs. how they did as pass rushers tells me you don't know Lawrence Taylor as a player. He was one of the best tacklers i ever saw. He chased plays down on the backside. He went side to side making tackles, Ray Lewis Style. he'd drop back in pass coverage and did that well.

Ware wasn't even as good a pass rusher as LT but i get that argument. All the other stuff is not even comparable.

Personally i think you are talking out of your ass and didn't see LT play except when you were young and he wasn't LT anymore. 84,85,86 LT played at a level that you'd need to be insane not to recognize.
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