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Default Re: JR Smith vs Jamal Crawford for 6th Man of The Year

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Smith is also playing a lot more minutes than Crawford is. If you watch the Clippers you'll see the way their offense moves and within that offense I think Crawford has been more impressive. But this is one hell of a top 3.

Jack and Landry have also been great, as has Javale McGee. Ray Allen also deserves a little mention. But the top 3 is way ahead.
McGee has been awful for an underachieving team. He makes so many dumb mistakes and misses assignment upon assignment. Drummond has actually been better, much better as a big man off the bench. Heck even Greg smith has had a better impact as a first big off the bench. Mahinmi has been better as well. Ginobili is better than any option mentioned btw.
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