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Default Re: whatever you do, don't ever sell sh!t on ebay

I feel yah man! but then I realized it is to protect the buyer which should have some protection purchasing online. I've had great success and some problems on eBay, but that's with any business you get yourself into whatever it is. But from eBay I gotta say the success outweighs the failures or problems by a landslide.

I got into eBay selling when my parents closed their gift shop of 20 yrs. They had all sorts of weird stuff from jewelry, watches, handbags, candles, lighters, pens, vases, lamps.. etc. I sold a lot of it on eBay and did unbelievably well.. it's shocking what you think has no value, someone in another part of the world would pay something ridiculous for.. and by ridiculous I mean something I felt I would just normally throw or give away I'll make like 40-80 bucks on at least.. It might not seem that much but when you sell like 20 of these items they can easily add up to 800+ bucks. Then I started to realize I can do this with other things. So I looked into places going out of business and purchased what ever I can in as much bulk as possible.. That's my semi-success story of becoming a resale/liquidator.. Also I've managed to do this with out even doing a personal business website (which I'm planning to do but eBay has been working so well for me, as well as it being a convenience factor)

I don't want to solicit so I'm going to leave the details out of it but if anyone here is interested in decent watches.. swiss army victorinox, movados, raymond weils, hamiltons... etc. pm me.. Ill send you more detail.

Back to the subject.. Just stick it out dude and don't let one transaction disappoint you.. learn from your mistakes and improve in any way you can. PEACE!
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