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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Unrelated to all of this, I don't want anyone throwing in the towel 30 games into the season. We should all be trying to improve and get to the top. Whatever got you to where you are in the standings can be changed and lots of the categories are very close. This is why I think this should be a money league. Even if it is $10 or $20 per person. You can do things like top 3 get money and even the most improved (mid season to end). But that's probably for another discussion.

Trades only made for keeper purposes shouldn't be done, in my opinion, 30 games into a season. Not that this was a keeper trade.

Obviously I'm in agreement with bokes here. Reducing keepers should mean you want to improve them, not water them down. If keepers are the goal, make a post saying Cousins is for sale for the best keeper. Only because Toni's mentioned it, but Waiters in the 13th round I'd by as a keeper deal for Cousins. Still wouldn't like it becasue we are only 30 games in and nobody should be in quit mode.

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