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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Not saying it isn't credible, but Stoudemire had his best production under D'Antoni. Thrived in Phoenix. Nash made him look like a superstar.

Im not saying it isn't true. But do you really want to take a negative comment from a guy who has been successful under his own complained about coach, who led them to the WCF on several occasions?

Of absolutely freaking course it's is scoring points real basketball? If you can only play on half the court you are a joke as a player and will never win crap. I really don't get how you feel this was/is/will ever be considered successful. I am glad that Amare knows the difference. It's funny because I ran into him in Vegas at the RIO about 5 years back and ended up talking hoops for at least an hour, he said then that he didn't know how to get stops and that 'Antoni just wanted to shoot and run, no defensive practice at all. Amare is really skinny in person, he was wearing shorts and his legs and ankles were so small that I couldn't imagine him being able to stay upright. Lol, I had drinks with Starbury at TAO the next night.....what a waste of talent there.

Kobe's points are up......ask him how SUCCESSFUL he feels right now under 'Antoni......come on LF!!!!!
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