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Default Re: whatever you do, don't ever sell sh!t on ebay

Originally Posted by paperstreet
I just had to get my dog surgery and sold some stuff on ebay, and this piece of trash prodded at me asking for more pics, if I'll take less than what it was listed at, how fast shipping would be, etc. Over a dozen messages from this guy. Over a watch.

Only for him to claim he never received item, and open a case on ebay demanding a refund.
He sure shut up quick when I sent him a picture of the delivery confirmation reciept from the post office showing delivery was made. Case dismissed.

Always do the delivery confirmation folks, its worth the $.75

It's just damn sickening that people out there of that caliber actually exists. Some people here say I'm a piece of shit, trash or whatever for just being a tomfoolery prick here and there, but perhaps they should get things in perspective, huh?
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