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Default Re: Looking like Chip Kelly is headed to Cleveland

I hated the Weeden pick and still do... However, it isn't exactly the end of the world if Kelly decides to go in another direction (or if he keeps Weeden). While you never want to whiff on a first round pick, I still consider that draft a win for the Browns, at least so far.

They picked up a lot of really nice pieces... Richardson, Schwartz, Hughes and Winn all had excellent rookie seasons. Travis Benjamin also showed some really nice flashes when he was healthy. You aren't going to hit on every pick. If you can hit on five starting caliber (and some beyond that) players, I think that is a pretty good draft.

Then, they followed it up with what looks like a tremendous pick in Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft.

Yes, the QB position is still up in the air, especially if Kelly does get the job. But, a lot of holes have been filled in the last couple years and this team really does have quite a bit of young talent to build around.
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