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Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
Anybody here ever try going through Convict Conditioning?

I decided that since its the New Year, ill start off with the basics of bodyweight, but damn after doing this, i feel humbled. Just did Inverted arows and Kneeling Push-Ups today and wow, the standards for progression among the movements is no laughing matter. The Kneeling PUs werent really a problem but i couldnt believe i found myself struggling a but with pulling off 10 strict inverted rows, and theyre just Step 2 in the Pull-Up series.
I'm reading through the book and I think I'm going to give it a try. It's just going to test my patience a lot if I go strictly by what he recommends, which is about one month working on each step until deciding to move on regardless of fitness level.

I see you've jumped up to other steps to gauge where you're at, but do you plan on doing everything from step one as well? I think I'm going to just because I want to test to see if I can actually follow a set program for that long, but its definitely going to be an accessory to what I'm doing in the weight room.

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