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Originally Posted by sunsfan1357
I'm reading through the book and I think I'm going to give it a try. It's just going to test my patience a lot if I go strictly by what he recommends, which is about one month working on each step until deciding to move on regardless of fitness level.

I see you've jumped up to other steps to gauge where you're at, but do you plan on doing everything from step one as well?

Nice! Glad to have someone go on this journey along with me. Yeah, I decided to skip the first few steps on the squat, pull-up, and push-up progressions. It was more of a "just because I can" decision and I ultimately don't have the patience to do so, but I'm making sure to pay my dues to by doing higher-rep sets of the earlier steps as warm-up, usually doing close to the number on the progression standard. I'm trying to see if I can achieve mastery of those steps concurrently. The earlier steps for me aren't really a test of strength, but really more for my patience and endurance. Even though those vertical pulls are easy as hell, my rear delts start burning after 15 reps.

Plus I'm not really one to go by the book. I usually experiment new stuff I learn with some stuff that's worked for me, like now, I'm using ladders in training my pull-up and push-up progressions. Will definitely work up to the progression standards though before I move on.
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