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Default Re: Ish Official Fit-club

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
Thanks... and thanks to rezz as well.

Have another one on the way, and will likely have to get a van (note: FEEL SO OLD. GAH.).

Am seriously thinking about installing a heater and converting the garage into a gym.

Good to hear! (except the 'van' maybe lol) Craigslist or Kijiji are your friends when it comes to buying equipment. Don't go to the local bodybuilding store and buy your gym, you'll spend a fortune.

I was able to put together a sweet-ass gym for about 1200 bucks. If I went and bought the gym I have new, I'd be looking at well over 5 grand. So the savings are significant.

My Gym:
Adjustable Bench
2 4x6 Rubber mats
2 Olympic Bars
1 CurlBar
Pair of Adjustable Dumbbells 0-80lbs
Pair of 90lbs dumbbells
Dip station
weight tree - holds plates
Olympic Plates - 4x45 4x35 4x25 8x10 8x5 8x2.5
Exercise Ball
Pair of 25lbs kettlebells

You don't have to go as crazy as I did. This is more than you need. Good luck and keep me updated.
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