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Originally Posted by boozehound
easiest and best tomato soup in the world. Take a bunch of toms (canned is probably better than out of season "fresh" toms), some garlic and onion. Throw in a pot and turn it on. Let it blister the **** out of everything (you can roast in the oven if you prefer), stirring occasionally to get everything nice and roasty. When everything is pretty well roasted, add some EVOO, salt and pepper and herns (oregano or basil work best imo) to taste and maybe some stock (depends on how juicy it is already). Blend in batches and return to pot at low heat. slowly add a little cream or half and half until its the color you want. I like to add a little grated parm as well.

There are of course a million variations on this.

Very nice. When tomatoes are in season I'll sometimes roast them on the grill and make a version of this. Adding some jalapeņo and citrus is nice too. When out of season I've been using these lately:

It reduces the tinny taste canned tomatoes sometimes have plus you don't have to worry about the supposed health hazards.
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