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Default Re: Looking like Chip Kelly is headed to Cleveland

Originally Posted by knickballer
I've mentioned my thoughts in the other thread and I don't think it's a good idea tbh. First, they'll most likely be giving up on Weeden which would be a disaster of a pick last season. I think McCoy could be their guy at QB actually as he's very mobile and he was a spread QB in college if I'm not mistaken and I still think McCoy can be a serviceable QB so there's a possibility.

Second, I wouldn't go all in on this Pistol/Spread offense that seems to be taking over the NFL lately. It's a new trend and the NFL has proven that it can readjust to the new trend offenses. I want to see in 2-3 years if the Pistol/Spread offense is still effective than it would be safe to go all in on this type of offense. I fear the Pistol may be the new Wildcat which may virtually go extinct in two years time although I don't think it will go extinct necessarily as the offense is way more flexible than the Wildcat would ever be.

I'm skeptical on the premier college coaches who dominate because I don't think they translate well in the NFL. They usually get the best recruiting classes and at times they run a gimmick offense. Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban come to mind, both legendary college coaches but failed in the NFL.

Coaches like Harbough or even Schianno who built their programs from scratch are coaches the NFL should look for as they are coaches who can build teams with what they got. If I was an NFL coach I would probably be looking to get David Shaw from Stanford or Brian Kelly or any coach who's rebuilt a program from scratch.
what about a great college coach who's doing pretty well with the seahawks
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