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Default Re: Any males here have their ears pierced? Would you?

Originally Posted by millwad
I have both my ear lobes pierced and I have had them pierced for a couple of years now.

You're worrying for nothing, it's your ears and it's no big deal really.

And if you do it in the ear lobes it will not leave a big mark but some heal better than others but in general it's not that obvious. Before moving I played in the swedish basketball league and we went to play in the northern parts of Sweden and you can't play ball with ear rings obviously so I always took them off but I lost them that time. We got back after 3 days and I was lazy and waited for like 4 more days until I got new ones and after 7 days without ear rings my ear lobes had healed too much to get them in. I had to get them pierced again.

Regarding job opportunities, unless you have many piercings and on weird places it will not make a difference when you look for jobs. I have worked part-time during the last 2 summers at a bank and in Sweden every bank employee have a dress code and for males it is shirt, tie and suit and no one ever made any comments regarding my ear rings.

So yeah, ear piercings won't make any difference for you when you go and look for a job and it will unlikely leave a big mark if you decide to take them out.

But for the love of god, don't go and put in ugly fake bling bling and don't use flashy girly ones. I have a couple of different one's but most of the time I use these two;

And these one's but less shiny;

Are those the ones that stretch your earlobes? I see people with those all the time, I don't know how in the world they do it. I can never do that. But yeah, I really want em' pierced. Maybe just a simple diamond.
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