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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Stop selling Ware short. Hes been dominant for far too long in both areas (run and pass) to not be compared.

If you don't think teams gameplan for Ware similar to how they did for LT, you're kidding yourself.

Ware is the prototype 34 OLB to which future generations will be judged upon.

Last six years, 91 sacks and 24 forced fumbles with great run defense.

Nobody can match that resume as a defender the last six years. I don't think anyone comes close actually, though I am not going to look it up.

They didn't game plan for LT. They season planned for him. The entire NFC changed the way they drafted to stop him. Why do you think the Redskins and later the Cowboys drafted the best offensive linemen in the game?

Ron Jaworski was talking about LT on ESPN. His job on every play was to locate LT. So he gets to the line, and he can't find him. So he calls a time out. LT was already on the sideline.
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