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Default Re: Looking like Chip Kelly is headed to Cleveland

Being a huge Oregon fan, I'd obviously rather him stay. But he's gone, no doubt. I'd rather him go to Cleveland than Philly.

And to everyone who says "his system won't work in the NFL," I think Chip is smart enough to know what will and won't work in the NFL. It's not like he's going to do the same exact thing in the NFL he's done in college. Give the man a little more credit than that...

I think he'll succeed as an NFL head coach. A small percentage of me hopes he doesn't, though, so he can go back to Oregon forever lol. I hope he's able to lead Cleveland to a consistent playoff team. Those fans deserve it.

I wonder what he's going to do about the QB position. Lots of people are saying he should bring Vick to wherever he ends up. Idk about that.
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