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Default Re: NFL Playoffs GT: Wildcard Round

Am I the only that feels like these games are almost meaningless in the AFC? Can anyone see any of these teams beating the Broncos or Patriots at this point in the season? The two AFC teams that are/were hot coming into the playoffs were the Colts and their rookie QB and the Bengals and their decent second year QB. Then the other two teams, who had records that would indicate they're really good, sputtered into the playoffs and neither have anything close to an elite QB.

Maybe I'm wrong and this is a sign the Texans are getting back on track, but I just can't see any AFC team beating the Patriots or Broncos. They've all got flaws and don't have an elite QB to cover them up like Denver and New England. If the Texans can dominate the LOS on defense like they did today and get pressure on Tom Brady next week, though, I think they can make that game uncomfortable for the Patriots.
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