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He doesn't suck.

He's actually a good role player.

If he allowed to focus on defense for 25 minutes per game, he can be valuable.

If he only expected to give extra points, then he is valuable.

But if he is counted on being a reliable scorer, then he is not the guy for your team.

He would be a good fit for Washington, as a reserve defensive stopper, since their offense revolves around Arenas, Jamison and Butler. Hassell would be either the fourth or fifth option on the court, where he is valuable.

Thomas would be a good player for the Wolves, since he is big, takes up space, plays solid defense and rebounds. They don't have a player like that off the bench.

Wright would be a good replacement for Thomas, providing much of the same thing.

Washington hasn't done anything this summer, which is surprising since Grunfeld is a great GM.
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