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Default Re: Any chance at Dirk?

when prokhy said "i will fix this" yesterday, i started to think about whether the team had any real flexibility going forward. of the five starters with their killer contracts:

lopez- good solid value for contract. worth keeping, but also should be attractive to other teams if necessary.

wallace- about the same.

d-will- enormous contract, but if he keeps underperforming, worst comes to worst the nets should probably be able to move him for something based on his former reputation. maybe in the summer.

hump- silly contract, but at least he'll be an expirer before too long.

johnson- absolutely, totally dreadful contract, but that's what the amnesty clause is for. and prokhy is one guy who can afford it.

so all in all, assuming things only get a little better under PJ and the nets crash out in the first round or something, there's still pretty decent flexibility to attract a phil jackson and let him rearrange things as he pleases.

biggest problem with dirk is that cuban is extremely loyal and grateful to him. i seriously doubt we'd be able to pry even an aging dirk away without giving up ridiculous assets.

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